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One of the most successful types of packaging is the polythene bag, or Polybag as it is often called. These are also called plastic bags or storage bags. Polythene bags come in all shapes and sizes, small bags, large bags you can even get special promotional polythene bags that can be printed with your own design or logo.

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Popular colours in Garment Covers

Selection of popular colours for Garment Covers:
black garment
clear garment
pink garment
Hot Pink
ivory garment
silver garment
white garment

Why polythene covers?

Pallet Covers offer ideal solution to outdoor protection of individual pallets of group of palletised materials.

  1. Cover pallets during shipment, storing or protecting from weather
  2. Completely weatherproof protection that saves time, labour and money
  3. Pallet covers are fabricated to fit standard and custom pallet
  4. Pre-cut gusseted bags are ideal for use as container liners or pallet and machinery covers
  5. Individually boxed or Perforated on a roll for easy dispensing.
  6. Durable for excellent reusability

Garment Covers

Garment covers are poly bags used by dry cleaners and home users to keep their clothes dust-free and clean. Our garment bags give long life to your clothes. Store unused clothes in dusty places and basements without worry. The garment bags are made from 70 gauge polyethene. Sloped shoulders for proper hang & fit. The bags come in a roll and are perforated according to the length selected. The available lengths are 36" inches to 60" inches.

Laundry Bags on a roll

  • 91cm (36 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 650 bags
  • 120cm (48 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 500 bags
  • 152 cm (60 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 400 bags

Custom Brand Packaging for Garment Covers Facts

  • Custom Brand Packaging is an effective way to promote and advertise your business name.
  • Co-ordinated and designed professionally, Custom Brand Packaging can create, enhance, and give you a recognizable image.
  • Custom Branded Garment Covers and Laundry Bags are walking billboards!
  • Custom Branded Boxes are given as gifts at showers and parties. Your audience increases!
  • Custom Branded Packaging will make your business a STAR!

Options for Garment Covers or Laundry Film

There are variety of choices when it comes to Garment bags. So, we hope to fill you in with all possible options to narrow your selection and help you find the right garment covers for your requirement.


  • Low density polythene (LDPE)
  • Linear low density polythene (LLDPE)
  • High density polythene (HDPE)
  • Recycled polythene
  • Degradable polythene
  • Biodegradable polythene


  • Light/Tint coloured
  • Opaque coloured
  • Clear

Plain or printed 'Garment Covers'

  • Plain
  • Printed in 1 colour
  • Printed in 2 colour
  • Printed in 3 colour

Folding/Packing options

  • Individually cut covers - Single covers
  • Gussetted
  • Perforated on roll

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